Posted: Mar 14, 2022 11:33 am
by tuco
hackenslash wrote:
Cito di Pense wrote:What on earth about this report is supposed to inspire me to invest (either emotionally or financially) in such an enterprise? What persuades me that this is pure hype are simple facts about the mechanics of rock materials.

How many Theranos's will occur before we stop giving column inches to these cranks, let alone finance? This is somebody's pie-in-the-sky dream that's based on no science whatsoever. It's pure fantasy, and we're not even close to the technology to drill that deep yet. Not even in the ball park. Not even on the same continent as the ball park.

Honestly, this thread is in entirely the wrong sub-forum. Just because the energy is there doesn't make this any less pseudoscience. And that's speaking as somebody almost entirely ignorant of the mechanics of rock materials beyond a simple grasp of the variability of ductility at depth and pressure and a naïve view of temp increase with depth.

The whole bollocks about directed energy and lasers is the best bit of it all. This is Hyperloop level fantasy.

^ well, that would explain what blew my mind then.