Posted: Mar 14, 2022 12:20 pm
by hackenslash
I'm planning a new start-up to harvest solar energy before it ever reaches the surface by constructing an array of orbiting solar panels. There are some challenges in getting the energy down to the surface, and I estimate at least some significant dispersal, but it's fairly straightforward to use a laser as a carrier wave to transfer the energy down to collector stations on the surface for distribution. We'd also not have to build any new power stations, as existing stations could be repurposed for collection, and are already plugged into national grids.

This has the added advantage of presenting a controllable orbiting solar screen, which can attenuate the amount of insolation, thus mitigating climate change somewhat and giving us a larger window to bring the carbon budget under control.

I know, I know, the sceptics will already be banging on about how we construct it, but that's the clever bit. All we have to do is to build these nanobots that will harvest minerals from NEOs and will self-construct this solar array. Once operational, the nanobots will go dormant, only called upon to conduct repairs. Better still, all repairs can be conducted using the original materials, as the nanobots will simply deconstruct and reconstruct at an atomic level from the originally harvested minerals. I calculate we need to construct 100 of these nanobots, and they will take care of the rest.

Also, the global manufacturing industry will benefit massively from the development of this nanobot technology.

OK, there's my proposal. All I need now is somebody good at graphics to do some flashy png mock-ups and we xcan hit the Vegas trade shows and drum up some funding. Who's with me?