Posted: Mar 15, 2022 5:36 pm
by hackenslash
I know you aren't nearly stupid enough to think that just because something comes from people at MIT doesn't mean it isn't bullshit.

Once again, examples have been given upthread about why this is a colossally fucking stupid position to take. Just to reiterate, 'solar freakin' roadways', also a product of MIT and asinine in every single respect, and that's even before we get into why it can't possibly work.

Getting to it hasn't proved a challenge, because it hasn't proved anything until it's happened or been deemed impossible. Getting to it has been entirely beyond us, despite several multi-billion dollar attempts that have ended in ignominious failure without even putting a significant dent in the problem.

You're being very silly. The only thing this is a method for is getting dumb rubes to part with their cash.

Fusion is demonstrably possible. That's a big difference.