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Aaker’s (1997) brand personality (BP) scale is widely used in research and is an important foun-
dation for the theory of BP. Building on extant critiques of the scale, this article considers the
possibility that Aaker’s (1997) scale methodology ‘creates’ the BP that it measures. Using pictures
of rocks as stimuli, this article applies the principles of Aaker’s methodology to examine the BP of
rocks. Rocks are the chosen stimuli as they do not have any obvious commonalities with brands, or
have antecedents to BP formation. Findings revealed that each of the rock stimuli has a distinct BP
and that the personality is developed from sometimes surprisingly detailed personifications. In
consideration of the importance of Aaker’s scale in the development of the BP concept, the
findings raise questions about its conceptualisation and emphasises the importance of critical
examination of the methods used to measure marketing concepts.
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