"ABRAHAM" presenting his Pseudo-science as god's (his own) gift to mankind....

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#1  Postby stormofenlil » Dec 05, 2013 11:27 pm

His beliefs are based in Geometry and seem to share common threads with the Geometric Unity Theory proposed by Eric Weinstein.

The more articles I read of ABRAHAM's I realize this has to be a cult. He posits he has the likeness of "God" and claims to re-write all of science, physics, and math using Geometry based on equilateral triangles.

I need someone helpful to assist in debunking this charlatan's ramblings. He throws out lots of vocabulary indicating he has some education and background in Science but I see know peer reviewed articles, or even skeptics out there. His theories keep popping up everytime I'm searching for research materials in QM theory. I want to put his theories to rest, and ease my conscience.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_ ... Tetryonics

Any help in debunking this would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Tetryonics

#2  Postby MrFungus420 » Dec 08, 2013 8:09 pm

What's to debunk?

It's a bunch of unsupported, made-up bullshit.

If ("It effortlessly merges the tested features of Classical mechanics with the statistical probabilities of quantum mechanics and scales up to the cosmological scales of General Relativity.") is true, then he has solved one of the biggest conundrums in physics and we will all know about it when he gets his Nobel.
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Re: Tetryonics

#3  Postby theropod » Dec 09, 2013 2:06 am

Didn't we have a member that could see some sort of lines across the globe? Lines of power, or some such?

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Re: Tetryonics

#4  Postby Tetryonics101 » Jan 23, 2014 6:43 pm

"Many scientists find it hard to believe that the investigators who constructed the currently accepted theories could have made so many mistakes. It should be emphasized, therefore, that the profusion of conflicts between present-day ideas and our findings does not indicate that the previous investigators have made a multitude of errors. What has happened is that they have made a few serious errors that have had a multitude of consequences."--Abraham


My name is Richard, and I study Tetryonics. I do not see this way of looking at the underlying mechanics of the universe as a cult. I would actually suggest that there is a cult in the scientific community even now. It's called C.E.R.N. Tetryonics found what they were looking for, yet C.E.R.N. continues it's deceptive announcements and "achievements" to understand the Higgs Boson. These guys are peddling the worst kind of dogma.

I'm not here to argue how others perceive this information, however I am on an ongoing investigation of Tetryonics, and can give you the facts about T-Theory by point you to the source materials. I won't state anything that isn't explicitly available in the free .pdf books. The google + page is also a great location to begin your own investigation. If you lack the ability to re-wire your brain a bit, then you're probably better off watching Brian Green videos on youtube, rather than looking at Tetryonics. T-Theory may not be something you can approach.

I have been studying this for over a year, and I can tell that T-Theory is going to provide me years and years of worthy study to come.

What Abraham has discovered is something no body else has yet to identify. If you still don't know what that is, then I can tell that you have not given T-theory an honest look.

Let me lend you some assistance, Free of Charge I might add...

Abraham would say, "If maths is the language of Science, geometry is its grammar."

What is being suggested here is that math can represent a great many things, however without the proper knowledge of the "Grammar" that math must use, our scientific community and mathematicians are not always able to put the math into it's proper perspective. This is how strange ideas and abstract concepts end up being part of mainstream science, and we are beginning the process of the unveiling as we speak. Things like Black Holes, Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle, multiple dimensions, and 10 dimensions super gravity, along with String Theory have all been abstracted from our erroneous understanding of math.

Abraham resolves these quandaries in short order, but only when you are able to look at these materials with an open, honest mind. The investigation will help you to discern what is real and what is not. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Tetryonics, for the first time in history, makes a proper distinction between mass and Matter. He uses a single underlying premise to put our known knowledge into a proper perspective. If you are looking for an intuitive way to understand these topics then you have an opportunity to dig deeper as you see fit.

It's simply up to you to look at this with an open mind. You can take the mainstream scientific community serious, however when something new comes to the forefront, it's natural to be skeptical. That's why I've dedicated my self to finding out if Tetryonics is a valid approach to knowledge, and I have found that it is. These new discoveries undermine the entire mainstream understanding ( and is therefor a threat to those in control of scientific advancement at large ), but if you're happy with their explanation of things, then stick to them, and let's see how far down the rabbit hole you can go.

I have found mainstream science to be a conspiracy of control and half-truths. Science progresses one funeral at a time. New ideas are eventually assimilated, but your skepticism is welcome. I will make myself available to those interested in Tetryonics, and I would be happy to point you all in the right direction.

Tetryonics itself has 3 main laws. The first one being that

1) Energy itself is equilateral.

2) The law of interaction and all energy in what ever form it is will seek equilibrium.

3) Once the system is in motion and it's seeking equilibrium, it will continue indefinitely as it cycles through it's various forms backwards and forwards.


Quantum Dynamics .pdf download
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0xb7kQ ... gxV2oxNlk/

Quantum Electrodynamics .pdf download
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0xb7kQ ... J2Y1Vuc3c/

Chemistry to be available on Feb 1st...followed by Cosmology on March 1st, and then the book on Maths on April 1st.
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Re: Tetryonics

#5  Postby Nebogipfel » Jan 25, 2014 10:22 am

Sounds like ABRAHAM secretly wanted to be a scriptwriter for Star Trek: Voyager.
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