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Re: Work of Harley Borgais

#1481  Postby Durro » Aug 27, 2012 8:56 am


You have been cautioned twice previously about spamming external internet sites for personal gain, and yet you repeated this behaviour again here. As such, you have now earned a 2nd current warning.

Please be advised that further warnings come with escalating suspensions, up to and including permanent banning from the forum. Also please be aware that it's normally Ratskep policy to permanently ban spammers, so if you persist in spamming your websites, you may end up losing your membership here. You now have fair notice.

Any members who wish to discuss this can PM myself or another Mod, but please don't derail this thread with discussion/debate about moderation.

I'll start believing in Astrology the day that all Sagittarians get hit by a bus, as predicted.
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