Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Studies of mental functions, behaviors and the nervous system.

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#41  Postby Fallible » Jun 19, 2016 6:19 pm

Keep It Real wrote:
Evolving wrote:
Keep It Real wrote:Why do we always have to argue?

Well, to someone reading this exchange, this seems easy to answer. You're speculating - thoughtfully, certainly, but speculating - on the basis of a lay person's knowledge of the material; as I might do: I don't know anything about it either. Fallible, on the other hand, does know something about it; nobody's perfect and nobody knows everything, and Fallible will be the first to agree that this applies to her as much as to anyone else, but she knows more about it than you or I do, and you're not listening; thus giving her the justified impression that she's wasting her time.

That's why.

I've actually suffered from this type of homophobia in the past, which i've stated in this very thread. You say Fallible knows more about it than me because she's worked with OCD before. I disagree. I've never suffered from any (other) type of OCD. I say it's a branch of homophobia - and I stand by that.

Another ignorant statement. Do you think someone has to have a series of 'types' of OCD in order to have it? What so irritates me is that you've already had this explained and you still want to say your view is correct. An individual will usually have one type of obsessive thought - I repeat - for some it's that their child will catch something from germs and die, for some it's that they are actually straight/gay when that goes against their sexuality, for some it will be that they have caused a fatal accident, for some it will be losing one they love and for others it will be something bad happening if they throw out their stuff. I haven't just worked with OCD. I've worked with it for years, I've researched it specifically and I've had it for 30+ years myself. You want to wallow in willful ignorance? Go ahead. I've already established to my own satisfaction that you're not interested in learning anything, and will post in a thoroughly reprehensible way towards people who tried to support you. I've seen enough. I'll see you when you're on the other side of this shit.
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