How artificial intelligence will make humans smarter

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How artificial intelligence will make humans smarter

#1  Postby kennyc » Nov 25, 2014 2:21 pm

How artificial intelligence will make humans smarter

From tools to intelligent partners - artificial intelligence is set to transform how people live

'The next piece of innovation for the new workplace is already here and growing: intelligent tools for communication'

We are in for a change; a different kind of change than we’ve ever experienced.

In the past, change has typically been based on technologies that make us faster and more efficient. We’re now entering a time of change where intelligent technologies are going to make us smarter.

As our machines transform from tools into intelligent partners, they’ll allow us the freedom to perform at the top of our game.

We’re already seeing intelligent technologies being adopted in the workplace and their impact is quickly accelerating. In the near future, we will see change driven by technologies that answer questions, assess situations and communicate insights.

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Since these capabilities are already in the workplace, the technology is primed for explosive growth and impact.

The ability to go beyond search into the realm of automatically getting answers is being enabled by technologies like IBM Watson.

Stepping beyond Jeopardy, Watson is now providing question-and-answer capabilities in industries such as healthcare and financial planning.

The difference between these industries’ past and current technology is the ability to interact. An interaction with Watson starts with a simple question, and Watson then determines what information you want and performs queries to find the answer.

The beauty of this technology is that Watson has the potential to empower business users with the ability to ask questions and immediately get answers without ever having to think about what the machine is actually doing.

The next step for Watson is to streamline the configuration process and develop a more robust way to not just answer but also explain.

This model of information will eventually become part of our stream of consciousness, where Watson is an “always-on” system that strives to answer questions as they are being framed.

For us, that means a system that feels more like mimicking our “thought process” than using a computer.

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