Blessed by Buddha's remains

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Re: Blessed by Buddha's remains

#21  Postby Spearthrower » Jan 31, 2012 11:51 am

mortuus piscis wrote:
Goldenmane wrote:
mortuus piscis wrote:In Christianity It doesn't matter much if it's Lutheran or Baptist, the bible is the bible, the differences aren't that major, and the culture of the people practicing isn't major.

I beg to differ. Get a Southern Baptist from the US, an Australian Evangelical, a Catholic, and a Russian Orthodox follower, and compare and contrast. And that's just for starters.

I don't disagree that they have difference, but would you say the differences are as major as belief/disbelief in the supernatural & gods all together? Baptists and Catholics may disagree whether Mary was sinless, or just how far Jesus's forgiveness goes, but the basics are all still there. The difference I'm speaking of, is more along the lines of early Gnostic Christians Vs Orthodox Christians.

My agnostic-atheist views where already held firmly before my interest in Buddhism began taking off, I used those existing views as my B.S filter, and they steered me away from the more supernatural traditions. While belief in deities and supernatural may not be considered major for many Buddhists, for me it was because that was my starting point. If every sect of Buddhism had a culture of magic teeth and other supernatural nonsense, it would have been to difficult for me to relate too, but some of the major ones like Zen honestly don't. While I do still doubt ideas like rebirth, I've found the rest of the philosophy is pretty down to earth and basic, it's something I can live by without feeling intellectually dishonest. My practice of Buddhism involves meditation and practicing mindfulness, It doesn't involve me sitting around waiting for magic and miracles. I haven't come across a single Buddhist writing that suggests healing relics should be part of the practice, unfortunately no religion has been immune to their existence, because all religions have ignorant money hungry leaders and desperately sheepish followers.

Aren't you really just saying that you're cherrypicking the bits that suit your sensibilities or match your dispositions, rather than saying anything about Buddhism?

It's looking a bit like a No True Buddhist argument! :)

For example, down to earth and basic, but counts on immortal souls inhabiting different qualities of beings depending on what the being that soul last inhabited did while it was vitalised.

What's your position on abortion? To most Eastern Buddhists its a terrible sin guaranteeing 'you' an immediate entry and a long stay in naraka.
I'm not an atheist; I just don't believe in gods :- that which I don't belong to isn't a group!
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Re: Blessed by Buddha's remains

#22  Postby mortuus piscis » Feb 05, 2012 9:17 am

What exactly do you believe I'm cherry picking? The only thing I'd say I come close to is the rebirth issue, I have no reason to believe it. My other views on the supernatural fit perfectly into many sects of Buddhism. I honestly don't think the afterlife stuff is that important, Buddhism says go with your experience, I have no way of experiencing death, it's the philosophy for living that I agree with. Is there anything wrong with that? I assume living in Thailand you're familiar with Kalama Sutta, wouldn't you say this fits there?

I think you are confusing a "These generalizations don't work well" with a "No True Buddhist", Maybe I went to far in stating my personal opinion on the tooth and other supernatural B.S, but it doesn't change the fact that the tooth superstition isn't part of every sect or the teachings. Even you said
Spearthrower wrote:It is interesting though how modern Buddhism in Thailand has about as much to do with what Buddha said as modern Christianity has to do with Jesus' words.

I think I'm right to be critical of it though, putting faith in a tooth healing power is dangerous and should be stopped. It's a flawed perspective. You see the hypocrisy and error of these people when they sell magic objects and coat their temples in gold, but when I'm critical of the same, and you say I'm doing "no true Buddhist" arguments. :)
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Re: Blessed by Buddha's remains

#23  Postby Frank Merton » Mar 16, 2014 3:53 pm

I dunno; I'm pretty much a Buddhist and definitely an atheist. If you (or the culture you were raised in) has a set of deities, the local monks are perfectly willing to let you do your thing in their temples (within some bounds) simply as a matter of toleration and good will. The monks would never reject the reality of other religions, but the more sophisticated will raise an eyebrow on the most superstitious things.

You know I really don't know what any given monastery might do; these issues never seem to come up. There is considerable antipathy among many Buddhists to Muslims, given history, but there is never any attitude that Allah might not be real. (There are all kinds of stories about this and Christ and so on).
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