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Re: Heathenism

#41  Postby starr » Mar 26, 2010 7:40 am

Posts discussing Michael Jackson are off-topic for this thread and have been removed.

@ Ciarin

Spinozasgalt has previously removed off-topic posts about Michael Jackson from this thread and he advised members to stay on topic. You have continued to derail this topic with comments about Michael Jackson and that is considered trolling under the Forum Users Agreement:

You may not:
* Troll i.e. disrupting or derailing a thread with off-topic, inflammatory or personal comments after being requested by staff to refrain;

I am not giving you a warning this time, only an advisory. However, if you continue to derail this thread with comments about Michael Jackson then you may receive a warning for trolling.

If you have any questions about this please discuss it with me via PM and not on the thread.

@ All other members - I am, once again, advising you all to stay on topic in this thread and not to contribute any Michael Jackson related content as it may be viewed by staff as trolling.

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