The Tantric Sex in Avatar

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The Tantric Sex in Avatar

#1  Postby SpiritualNotReligius » Mar 05, 2010 4:47 pm

This is a fascinating analysis of Tantric Sex as well as the overall energy suggested in the movie as seen through some eyes. For those who liked Avatar it is a good read whether you agree with the opinions therein or not.

It's clean, no offense to those who are easily sexually offended :angel: ... atar/full/

It could lead to a great discussion on religion other than Christianity for a change... or not :)
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Re: The Tantric Sex in Avatar

#2  Postby THWOTH » Mar 15, 2010 6:07 pm

That film has a lot to answer for.

Hey everybody - it's just a film, a diverting entertainment, and admittedly a good one, for its genre, but I find this urge among commentators to read some deep and necessary significance into the movie a right pain in the ear. I mean...

Asra Q. Nomani wrote:...When former Marine Jake Scully drapes his sinewy blue body around his Na'vi bride, Neytiri, the heroine of James Cameron's Oscar-nominated epic Avatar, his neural tendrils fuse with hers, in the script, but off camera, in one of the most unusual sex scenes ever produced on film. this really one of the most unusual sex scenes you've ever seen in a film? If so then you need to get out more, or rent Crash, 9 Songs or Audition - possibly all three on the same night!

Asra Q. Nomani wrote:...But there is a deeper philosophical understanding of Tantra to be found in the movie, one that I learned during my reporting. To avoid the cop-a-feel swamis I met in temples and caves dedicated to Hindu gods such as Ram and Shiva, I turned inward. And I learned, like Jake, that the true Tantric journey is, first, a lone struggle of self-discovery.

Oh Pul-lease! Turn yourself inwards by all means, but try and do it in private eh?

The upshot is that Avatar is now a Tantric movie, another notch on the cultural bedpost which has seen it cast as a socialist movie, an anti-American movie, a pro-American movie, a Green movie, a Pagan movie etc etc., The tropes of Avatar are not unusual or unique even if they are dressed up pretty. The unusual thing about the film is it's length and I think it is this which accounts for the, "Avatar changed my life" kind of nonsense (I remember when people said that about Tron!). It seems that it you have to commit yourself to a 3 hour epic then it has to mean something - why else would you sit in the dark for that length of time other than perhaps munching your way through your own body weight in pop-corn? :dunno:
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