Are the Jews Genetically Different?

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Re: Are the Jews Genetically Different?

#461  Postby ScholasticSpastic » Aug 15, 2012 3:41 pm

Shrunk wrote:I think even that concedes too much validity to the concept of a biological "race". Again, are short-second-toed people a "race"?

I agree with you that the concept of biological race is essentially useless. But I'm restricting my arguments to whether Jews are some sort of biological race in this thread because the topic of this thread is Jewish genetics. There's another thread called "Is Race Real?" in which I would argue more broadly against the concept of race.
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Re: Are the Jews Genetically Different?

#462  Postby Federico » Aug 30, 2012 2:30 pm

As if awakening after a long slumber I look around and find this old topic still alive, even if barely, and I feel like quoting my latest opinion written on this subject in this thread.
Federico wrote:
Mar 01, 2011 3:11 pm
If I could have had the power to predict the future when I started this thread on August 30, 2010, I am sure I would have stopped on my tracks so not to cause an acrimonious debate on technical details of no interest to the Forumists.
Actually, I was rather expecting an accusation of racism for suggesting the Jews had specific genetic markings, and this is what I wrote then:
".... the existence of subtle albeit powerful differences in the way genes are regulated which give rise to differences in the phenotype between single human beings belonging to the same ethnic group, as well as between humans belonging to different ethnic groups.
The way people use these data to extrapolate to differences in values is pure racism and certainly does not invalidate the search for genomic differences resulting (e.g.) in different susceptibility to various diseases."

In the meanwhile a few more papers have been written on this topic:

Race and ethnicity in the United States Census

The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people, which confirm that indeed human races (or ethnicities) do exist and can be identified with greater certainty the more sophisticated genomic structure studies are becoming.

For what purpose you may ask. I do hope never to facilitate the task of an Eichmann-like exterminator, but rather to help identify to which ethnic group particularly susceptible to a deadly inheritable disease your patient belongs to.
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Re: Are the Jews Genetically Different?

#463  Postby Someone » Sep 04, 2012 1:43 am

WARNING: STREAM-OF-CONSCIOUSNESS REMARKS FOLLOW, and there is an hypothesis that is likely wrong and totally off-topic.

Is 'race' to be treated entirely as a non-intentional homographic homonym? It seems to be the intent to ignore the obvious because of how victimhood has a serious basis. Is this a 'fair' place? You catch? In my opinion, Jews have to be treated as a non-racial ethnicity, religion and personal history. But then the question is how strongly we attach meaning to 'race' as a word of clash versus opportunity. In other words, is the competitive-sounding sense bloody? Or when is it? When do things get out of hand? When they drag on. This is critical. We live on a planet with strange rules. Somehow we have endowed the Chinese with a natural inclination to Telecommunications, I would say, in a way that frightens the Chinese who have power over their people. It's wanting it to be, in slang, 'cool' that is 'where it is at'. This is about written communications, not genetics per se. But this is futuristic mumbojumbo, I admit. Just saying that a universal non-phonetic writing system is a plus in some design system. I apologize for having 'drag on' take me afield.
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