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Re: Brainwashing

#21  Postby The Serpent » Feb 20, 2021 5:53 am

Obbop wrote:"Instead of facing reality, the delusional person would rather live in their world of make-believe. But in order to keep faking reality, they'll have to make sure that everyone else around them also pretends to live in their imaginary world.

In simpler words, the delusional person rejects reality. And in this rejection of reality, others have to play along with how they view the world, otherwise, their world will not make sense to them. It's why the delusional person will get angry when they face someone who doesn't conform to their world view …"

The easily-indoctrinated sheep live lives of fear. Warriors follow the saner path of determining what is an actual threat and what is an attempt by tyrannical elites and their lackeys seeking to control the masses. ... erica.aspx

Obvious troll is obvious.
Religious traditions are the fault lines along which societies fracture when placed under stress. -- Sam Harris
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