In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal

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In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal

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Following are Excerpt From Jiddu Krishnamurti 7th Public Talk at Saanen, 1979 From the Series Meeting Life

” …Now if you want to find out what is meditation, not just accept what somebody says, if you want to find out, certain obvious things are necessary. There must be no authority, because then you depend on that. Right? Obviously. Therefore you are struggling, you are imitating, conforming. And one must understand the nature of control. Who is the controller? You understand? You understand this? I wonder if you understand all this. No? Are you interested in all this? Because it is your life, not my life. This is your everyday life we are talking about – what is involved in it, whether one can be free of all this chaos, confusion and misery. And this is the enquiry, you are enquiring, not me enquiring and you accepting; we are together enquiring, we are together taking the journey….

” .. We are pointing out something entirely different. Accumulating knowledge and then acting. Accumulating knowledge and projecting from that knowledge the future and acting from the future. So our actions are invariably the result of the past or the future; that is, action based on time – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday meeting the present, which is today, modifying itself and proceeding. Right? Our action is based on that. So our actions are always incomplete, obviously. Because in that there are regrets, a sense of frustration, they are never complete, obviously. Right?

If you ask yourself what is it you are seeking, is it money, is it security, is it to be free from fear so that you can have everlasting pleasure, is it that you are seeking to be free from the burden of sorrow? – not only your burden but the world’s burden of sorrow. Or are you seeking – apart from all the religious nonsense – or are you seeking something which is timeless, something that thought has not touched at all? You understand? Something essentially original, something that is absolutely incorruptible? So find out for yourself, as a human being, like the rest of the other human beings in the world, what is it one is longing, seeking, hungering after.
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