Roman skulls washed down lost London river

Archaeologists with Crossrail have uncovered 20 skulls

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Roman skulls washed down lost London river

#1  Postby DougC » Oct 04, 2013 10:36 am
B.B.C. Article
Archaeologists working with London's Crossrail project have uncovered 20 skulls believed to be from the Roman period.
It is likely the bones were washed from a nearby burial site along one of London's "lost" rivers - the Walbrook.
In the last year archaeologists in London have also found about 10,000 Roman items at a nearby site.
These latest finds could give new insights into the lives of Roman people.
Near-intact pottery artefacts were also found which probably travelled along the same route as the skulls. Other bone fragments would not have been washed as easily down the river.
Paved over in the 15th Century, the Walbrook river divided the western and eastern parts of the city, its moist muddy walls providing exceptionally good conditions for artefacts to be preserved.

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