The First Tax

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The First Tax

#1  Postby Arthur Methoxy » Aug 21, 2013 8:30 pm

Taxes are imposed on individuals and are of two types, redirective or redressive. Redirective taxes take wealth out of society. Redressive taxes recoup or re-allocate wealth according to the social mandate or welfare of society. The two taxes are directly linked, the latter being a reaction to the former.

The first tax is the employer's tax. It is a redirective tax that redirects part or most of the value of labour to the employer and out of society's pool of wealth. It is a tax that can be applied by the employer as a bargaining advantage against the seller of labour when the seller is free to sell his labour at the very point at which he is socially forced to do so.

The second tax is the state's tax. It is a redressive and redistributive tax applied against employers and employees. Its purpose is to redress the unequal distribution of wealth or recoup the loss of wealth to society caused by the employer's imposition of the first (redirective) tax.

The employer's tax takes wealth out of society. The purpose of the state tax is to recoup the loss of wealth to society caused by the employer's tax. The employer is independent of state and country and so exists through state sufferance: unlike the state the employer has no social mandate to secure the welfare of the citizenry.

States come in two forms. A state that represents its society has no employer tax and so the financial government of the state vanishes. A state that represents the employer or employers has no need of society and its mandates and so the financial government of the state also vanishes. The latter style of government abolition is being pursued in America.

Thus, calls to abolish the state government can only be made within a society that tolerates socially independent or alien members who apply the employer tax. The abolition of government can be achieved either through the abolition of society secured by the financial governance of the employer, or by the abolition of the employer and his redirective, first tax.
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Re: The First Tax

#2  Postby Paul Almond » Aug 21, 2013 11:22 pm

I will only participate in this thread if someone sends me some PayPals.
If I ever start making posts like "On the banning and partial banning of words!" then I view my life as less than worthless and I hope that my friends here would have a collection to pay for ninjas to be sent to my home to kill me*. (*=humanely)
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Re: The First Tax

#3  Postby igorfrankensteen » Aug 22, 2013 12:08 am

All I'll say about this, is that it is complete nonsense, obviously supported by ONLY a political bias of some sort.

Nothing worth discussing, since the opening post declares false things to be true.
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