The Legion of Christ Scandal

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The Legion of Christ Scandal

#1  Postby Federico » May 02, 2010 2:55 pm

As if the scandal of Pedophile priests were not enough to destroy any remnant of respect one may have had for the Racc,
voilà that a brand new scandal rocks papaRatz's boat.

Legionaries of Christ face disaster after founder's double life is exposed titles the [quote=] Telegraph [/url].

"The Legionaries of Christ, a hitherto dynamic conservative order of 800 priests and 70,000 lay affiliates, is on the verge of falling apart following reports that its founder, the late Fr Marcial Maciel, fathered at least one child at a time when he was demanding the strictest moral standards from his cult following.

Maciel, a Mexican priest who died a year ago aged 87, was lavishly praised by Pope John Paul II but sent into exile by Pope Benedict XVI as punishment for sexual assaults against young men decades ago. It was widely thought that he wasn’t a ladies’ man. So you can imagine the shock when it was revealed this week that, in old age, he secretly fathered a daughter.

This new scandal is tearing apart the Legionaries, conservative priests known for their extreme preachiness and natty dress. And their lay affiliate organisation, Regnum Christi, is also on the verge of collapse. It’s becoming clear not only that Maciel was a liar of the first order, but so that his lieutenants covered up many details of his life while demanding that he be treated as a living saint.

Living saint my a... And everything was known but kept secret for years while Maciel corrupted everybody around him.
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Re: The Legion of Christ Scandal

#2  Postby trubble76 » May 02, 2010 3:01 pm

Gosh! More hypocracy and lies from the self-proclaimed moral guardians, how unsurprising.
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