The Magnificence of Nazism

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Re: The Magnificence of Nazism

#81  Postby BlackBart » Jun 18, 2012 7:23 pm

Regina wrote:
Achachay wrote:
laklak wrote:Well, they had the best tailors.

Underneath those sharp uniforms, they were naked fuckers like everybody else. And at this distance you can't smell their bad breath. They put on a big show, not a GOOD one. They couldn't even destroy Germany, much less everybody else! Future generations would do well to ignore them. We don't seem to have that ability.

The best tailors? Where does this verdict come from?
I suspect from Hollywood movies and the like. In reality, those uniforms were very much like any other on the planet.
Don't take Hollywood seriously is the pro-tip here.


I understand Hugo Boss was an official supplier of uniforms. That one, however, looks more like Lidl.
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