All is revealed by The Bike Test

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All is revealed by The Bike Test

#1  Postby kennyc » Dec 16, 2013 1:35 pm

The bike test that shows what we're really like at work

Cycling through the City of London to work on a dark morning recently, I was overtaken by a man in a black coat with no helmet, no lights, and listening to music through headphones, writes Lucy Kellaway.

Idiot, I thought. As he disappeared into the underground parking of a large bank, I wondered - what sort of banker does a man like that make?

He got me thinking about the things we reveal about ourselves when we are on two wheels, and how useful that data could be to our bosses.

I've always fancied that as a group, cyclists make relatively good employees.

All of us are vaguely fit. We have the wherewithal to be reliable and punctual.

We are risk-takers and ever so slightly rebellious, which works quite well - especially in a job like journalism.

Different tribes
Only 10 minutes on a London road shows that we aren't a group at all. Some of us are fast, some slow.

Some wear helmets, some don't. Some break all the rules, some break none.
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Re: All is revealed by The Bike Test

#2  Postby ElDiablo » Dec 16, 2013 2:12 pm

Very entertaining!
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Re: All is revealed by The Bike Test

#3  Postby newolder » Dec 16, 2013 2:30 pm wrote:...An offence committed by any person who rides a bicycle without due care and attention and consideration for others.
The punishment for careless cycling is a fine, subject to the courts discretion, of up to £1000....

Diverting 1's sense of sound to deal with ear-phone issues gets a fine.
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