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Google Ads

#1  Postby Adco » Aug 14, 2012 12:09 pm

I recently (5 months ago) signed up with Google Ads to promote my business. I was skeptical about it but decided to try it out. The first two months increased my traffic flow through my site but no sales. Then I started getting calls from local companies mainly. To date, I have received about 10 inquiries, both by e-mail and telephone, of which 6 have turned into sales. Two of the sales have already had repeat orders.

I have had about 4400 hits in 5 months, 10 inquiries, 6 sales, paid about R6000 to Google so far and have generated about R70000 worth of orders. As percentages, the hits-to-sales ratio is perhaps low, but in terms of investment, it has been well worth the money spent. There is the potential with one particular to make a small fortune in the near future.

I posted this to see if there are any other members with a similar story to tell. If there is anyone out there contemplating using Google Ads, don't waste anymore time. It worked for me.

Not sure if I can mention my website so I won't until I know I am allowed. It's not important.
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