Funding flows for UK’s ‘revolutionary’ Sabre rocket engine

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Funding flows for UK’s ‘revolutionary’ Sabre rocket engine

#1  Postby DougC » Jul 12, 2016 11:56 pm

B.B.C. Article
The £60m UK government investment in the "revolutionary" Sabre rocket engine concept has finally started to flow.
The company behind the power unit said at the Farnborough International Air Show that this would now enable it to push ahead with a new demonstrator.
Sabre burns hydrogen like a rocket motor but in air drawn from the atmosphere, just like a jet.
Reaction Engines Ltd foresees the technology being used to propel future space planes and hypersonic airliners.
Farnborough witnessed the signing of an £8m (€10m) contract between REL and the European Space Agency, which will result in Esa keeping its role as the "technical auditor" on the project.

Sabre-enabled test vehicles could perhaps one day power a two-stage launcher flying out of Prestwick

Its propulsion experts have in the past been asked to maintain an independent assessment of the progress of Sabre, whilst also making some contributions to its design.
The oversight will now continue as REL moves towards the construction of its scaled, ground-based demonstrator. This is supposed to be the last phase in the development of Sabre before it can become a commercial proposition.
"We are moving forward in a significant way on technology development that is revolutionary in terms of space transportation," said Franco Ongaro, Esa's director of technical and quality management.


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