MoD (UK) to buy high-flying solar planes

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MoD (UK) to buy high-flying solar planes

#1  Postby DougC » Feb 03, 2016 12:34 am

B.B.C. Article

The UK Ministry of Defence is going to acquire some high-altitude "eternal planes".
The unmanned, solar-powered aircraft, known as Zephyrs, fly above the jet streams and will stay aloft for months on end.


Designed and built in Britain, the vehicles will carry small payloads that might consist of reconnaissance cameras or communications equipment.
The MoD is likely to buy two Zephyrs in the first instance.
Michael Fallon, the secretary of state for defence, signalled the intention to purchase the vehicles during a speech to the ADS Group, an umbrella organisation representing the aerospace, defence, security and space sectors.
Originally developed by QinetiQ of Farnborough, the plane technology is now owned and marketed by the Airbus Group.
The Zephyrs hold the absolute endurance record for un-refuelled aeroplanes.

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