One more step to eliminating fossil fuels - under sea

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One more step to eliminating fossil fuels - under sea

#1  Postby Macdoc » Oct 03, 2021 4:49 pm

Full power ahead for UK to Norway under-sea power cable
Published5 hours ago

One of the barges used to construct North Sea Link, which connects Blyth, Northumberland, to the Norwegian village of Kvilldal
Image caption, Specially designed barges were used in the construction of North Sea Link
The world's longest under-sea electricity cable, transferring green power between Norway and the UK, has begun operation.
The 450-mile (725km) cable connects Blyth in Northumberland with the Norwegian village of Kvilldal.
At full 1,400 megawatt capacity it will import enough hydro-power to supply 1.4 million homes, National Grid said.

Now about Sahara solar to Europe..... :popcorn:
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