Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons

Only 8 percent have confidence in their rifles

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Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons

#1  Postby DougC » Jun 23, 2016 1:08 am


Popular Mechanics Article
A survey of German soldiers has found that an overwhelming majority have doubts about the reliability of their weapons. More than half rated their weapons as unreliable, with less than ten percent expressing confidence in their army-issued G36 rifles. The news comes as the German military prepares to deploy troops to the Baltics to counter an aggressive Russia.


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Re: Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons

#2  Postby Weaver » Jun 23, 2016 5:43 am

This has been simmering for a while now.

What's not really clear yet is how much of the accuracy problem is due to the weapon itself and how much is from the optic.

There's a similar issue starting to resolve now in the US, with the formerly-popular EOTech holographic optic (I carried one on my rifle the whole time in Iraq, and part of my time in A-stan) - accuracy goes to shit when it gets hot (gee, that NEVER happens when firing a lot in the sandbox!). This is really too bad, as it's got a rather unique combination of a huge viewing area and a reticle featuring a 65-moa circle surrounding a 1moa dot - allowing really precise shooting at a point target plus good leads and holdover indicators for different ranges or for moving targets. After finally being caught out in a big way, the company, L3, worked hard to avoid a massive lawsuit by offering full-value replacements for anyone who sent their sights back.

I didn't even need paperwork proving purchase, price, or anything else - I simply told them (truthfully) that I got it in an online purchase from another individual, what I paid for it, and that I'd used it pretty hard in Iraq (it's beat to crap, but still works - the one really great thing apart from the reticle is that it's pretty tough) - they approved the replacement, and I got a check a few months later.
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Re: Why German Troops Don't Trust Their Weapons

#3  Postby aban57 » Mar 08, 2017 2:51 pm

And in the meantime, France decided to give its troops a German rifle :lol:

Not the same though, France bought the HK-416 F.
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