A poem that E R Eddison fans might like...

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A poem that E R Eddison fans might like...

#1  Postby j.mills » Mar 13, 2010 8:49 pm

Lord Gro from E R Eddison's classic fantasy The Worm Ouroboros (or hear it here) has been knocking around my head for a while, and today he squeezed his way out in the form of a sonnet. Hope you find it 'eddi'fying! (See what I did there? :grin: )

Gro on the Moruna

Terrors of the night, tormenting voices,
Though I cower and tremble, you have not won.
You name me fool, mock my wisest choices,
Despise and scorn me; but so have all men done.
And if my past is dark, my future darker,
It shall not be a callow soul that kills me.
What man but I has seen Koshtra Pivrarcha?
I am greater than this fear that fills me.

No noble death awaits, this night or later,
On lonely moor or crowded battlefield.
Pity him, whom gods have fashioned traitor,
Whose fealty ever must to pity yield.
You loathe my secret, known to none but you:
All oaths betrayed because my heart is true.
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