Are there any pianists around here?

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Re: Are there any pianists around here?

#21  Postby LucidFlight » Dec 20, 2011 4:02 am

I made my way to grade 6 and then became disinterested (as an early teen) with the music, particularly Clementi and Mozart. Ugh! If only I had, at that time, discovered my admiration and taste for the harpsichord and baroque music, I might have continued the systematic learning of keyboard. I ended up, though, moving into synths and electronic music. I do, however, remember a particular favourite (and excellent party piece) of mine was Rachmaninov's prelude in C sharp minor, Op. 3, No. 2.

DeepSpaceDreamer wrote:I am a huge fan of Chopin. Also Clementi (played his Sonatina Op.36 No.4 last year) and Mozart...


DeepSpaceDreamer wrote:I've been playing for 9 years.. but I still hate reading notes.

I quite enjoy[ed] sight-reading. It's a bit like being able to play anything, so long as you have the sheet music — and, as long as it's not overly complicated. :smile:

DeepSpaceDreamer wrote:Can anyone else here play almost entirely by ear? *waves hands around*

Sort of, but more towards improvisation, which comes in handy for composing. :thumbup:


I found this to be an interesting read: Advice for Pianists: Piano Lesson Myths....
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Re: Are there any pianists around here?

#22  Postby DeepSpaceDreamer » Dec 20, 2011 4:45 am

I quite enjoy[ed] sight-reading. It's a bit like being able to play anything, so long as you have the sheet music — and, as long as it's not overly complicated.

I would love to be able to sight-read.. But since, as a kid, taking lessons from the same teacher who would play the songs for me before I learned them (basically turning the music into a thing for show, since after one or two times of hearing a song, I could play it), I began to rely so much on playing by ear that after I switched teachers, five years later, two times, I struggled because they expected me to look at the music and play it straight off the page (something I've never understood :( ).

They say playing by ear is a great gift, and there have been times where I enjoy it when my friends request a song out of the blue and I can play it just by thinking of the tune.. But that past reliance on playing everything from listening to it is weighing me down with this Arabesque, where those fast-flowing arpeggio-like notes are too quick for me to follow just by listening (though, admittedly, I have succeeded in some places.. :whistle: ) I'm working on sight reading, though, with my teacher and alone. I do think, however annoying it is to me right now, that it's pretty important. :thumbup:
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