Curvy Women Lingerie Ads Not Allowed

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Re: Curvy Women Lingerie Ads Not Allowed

#181  Postby purplerat » Jul 14, 2015 6:55 pm

Forty Two wrote:
purplerat wrote:
Forty Two wrote:
purplerat wrote:It's also quite ironic how "important" it is that "fit" models be used to advertise products which are probably shit for your health anyways.

Yes, generally they "cater to the male fantasy" -- which, of course, we know is bad because the "male fantasy" is bad.

But I thought you were arguing that it's not skewed towards appealing to males over females? So is it catering to men or is it mostly balanced?

Advertising as a whole is mostly balanced, it appears to me. The ones like the Carls, Jr. hamburger advert, with two hot models mowing down on huge hunks of meat cater to "the male fantasy." However, other ads, like the Coke ads, the Kraft ads, etc, that linked to earlier "cater to the female fantasy." Not that every male and every female has the same fantasies, but in the same way that feminists refer to the male fantasy, we can also refer to the female fantasy, speaking in generalities.

To be completely honest, when I see those "female fantasy" ads I always think they are more parody or being ironic towards the typical male fantasy ads.
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Re: Curvy Women Lingerie Ads Not Allowed

#182  Postby Scot Dutchy » Jul 15, 2015 10:23 am

Thank goodness we are saved them.
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