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#1  Postby Wuffy » Mar 27, 2012 4:10 am

This is going to be a discussion thread because something is absolutely puzzling me.

I love the journey I am a great Advocate of they 'journey', enjoy the ride and get to the end.
Whether that end is good bad it's still worth the effort. Until recently I did not have cause to question this, then I ran into ME3 whose ending is well awfull, i wont talk about it because that's not the topic.

I wanted to have a discussion about the value of a good journey with a terrible destination. Terrible journeys with great destinations, and a talk about spoilers.

Because of the broohaha that was raise from that ending there's a burning wildfire across the Internet. I wanted to also ask, what do people consider spoilers and if there is a time when actually spoiling something is justified to save someone the pain of having to go through with the piece of entertainment.

So yes this is going to be full of opinions.

My view, The journey is the most important but a dull and boring ending is fine. But if you negate the entire body of work at the end that destroys the journey. I'm happy with Bittersweet endings, downer endings, happy endings.

Even "It didn't matter" endings (Have read quite a few fascinating stories with that as the core ideal), but endings that are done like this really need to be handled very carefully and need to be supported by the story not a whiplash sudden stop.

On the topic of spoilers, if the ending is so disconnected from the narrative up to that point it doesn't actually count as a spoiler because no way in heck does it even make sense to be there at all. If it doesn't clarify, resolve or relate to the tale told it shouldn't be called a spoiler. But that's just my opinion

Let the discussion begin! *Has firesuit on standby*
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