Medieval Music

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Medieval Music

#1  Postby Alan B » Aug 07, 2020 4:55 pm

This was written about 900 years ago. Music like this should not be forgotten.

And another...

And, of course, we cannot forget Carmina Burana...

And, er, deflowering virgins - Carmina Burana style.

Just sitting looking at the PC and listening to ancient music (I suppose I could do some tidying up...).
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Re: Medieval Music

#2  Postby SafeAsMilk » Aug 07, 2020 5:37 pm

That it is recorded by modern musicians is indication that it isn't forgotten :) We do have to keep in mind that there's a good bit of interpreting going into these performances.

Some of my favorite performers are David Munrow and his Early Music Consort of London (OG), Patrick Denecker/La Caccia and the Norwegian Cornett & Sackbut ensemble.
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