What Constitutes a great film in your opinion?

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#1  Postby TheManWithNoName » Mar 19, 2012 2:06 am

I am new to the forums, so not sure if this question has been proposed before. I am curious as to what you guys think make a great film and in what relative role do they play in making a great film. I am aware that this may be subjective and open to various view points.

I guess I will start with my own opinion. I firstly, believe that great directing, cinematography, sound tracks, dialogue and plot are the most important factors in creating a great film. I left out acting since I feel that if a film maker writes a great story/script and it makes it very easy to find actors that are tailored for the roles and it makes it relatively easy for the actors to play their part.

Cinematography and soundtrack (or scores), I find to be essential to producing a classic. Just think about, of your favourite films, which one of those did not have a memorable soundtrack? The soundtrack (or score) doe wonders to establish the general mood of the film. The exception I will grant is No Country for Old men which did (in my opinion) have great directing, script, plot and cinematography.
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Re: Film

#2  Postby Nostalgia » Mar 19, 2012 4:25 am

Welcome to the forum TMWNN! :cheers:

You've pretty much nailed it with writing (or rewriting if its an adaptation), directing, acting, cinematography and score. I would add production design and set and costume design too. It's impossible to state which of all these is the most important. A great director could do wonder to a mediocre script and great actors could make up for a a shit director, for example. But if I had to choose I would say that writing is the most important, as it is where it all begins.
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