Humble Store now open!

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Humble Store now open!

#1  Postby Thommo » Nov 12, 2013 2:19 am

I don't know if other users here are aware of the Humble Bundle site, I've not used it much myself but the basic idea is that they do extremely good deals for fixed terms on video games, mainly from indie developers where you can choose how much you pay and how much of what you pay goes to charity.

Anyway, they've apparently just launched a new functionality to purchase individual games at knockdown prices, although you can't pick how much to pay or how much goes to charity it may be worth checking out for the odd bargain, if like me you're something of a compulsive steam shopper.

Of the launch titles a couple are quite interesting, I played a lot of Rogue Legacy a few months ago and if you like roguelikes I'd have to say $7.50 with a cut going to charity sure ain't a bad deal.
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