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Skyrim: Requiem

#1  Postby Briton » Jan 03, 2016 5:15 pm

Finally got around to updating my PC and decided to play Skyrim. I have little interest in vanilla Bethesda games so I installed the overhaul mod Requiem, as well as a few others. Frostfall, Camping, Wet and Cold, Hunterborn (survival) iNeed (food, drink, disease), Revenge of the Enemies, an enemy AI overhaul and lots of other gameplay and immersion mods; graphics and environmental mods too.

Requiem tries to recreate an old style type of CRPG, getting rid of the levelled world for one. Really enjoying it so far. Tough getting anywhere though, particularly at first.

Does anyone else like modding these games? It's almost as much fun as playing.
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