Sony PS3 v4.45 firmware yanked after bricked consoles

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Sony PS3 v4.45 firmware yanked after bricked consoles

#1  Postby DoctorE » Jun 19, 2013 1:47 pm

Sony has been forced to hurriedly yank the latest PS3 update, v4.45, after reports that some gamers were finding their consoles had been bricked after installing the new firmware. “We’re aware of reports that the recent PS3 update (4.45) has caused” Sony took to Twitter to confirm. “We have temporarily taken 4.45 offline and are investigating.”

Version 4.45 was seemingly a relatively minor update, adding the ability to disable the display of trophy notifications while gamers are in the middle of play. Pushed out for the PS3 on Tuesday, it was flagged up as a recommended install when owners turned on their consoles.

However, according to a litany of complaints on the official PlayStation forums, some – though not all – PS3 owners began experiencing issues after installation. When the console gets to the “flowing ribbon” part of the boot sequence, after the PS3 logo has been shown, it becomes stuck on that page.

Rebooting the console doesn’t address the issue, and it’s reportedly affecting PS3 hardware from all generations, from the original “fat” version to the latest slimline model.

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Re: Sony PS3 v4.45 firmware yanked after bricked consoles

#2  Postby electricwhiteboy » Jun 19, 2013 1:59 pm

From the company that compromised your financial data, put rootkits on their CDs, and had their online services down for weeks. It's great to have an alternative to the Xbone isn't it? Gaming PC here I come.
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Re: Sony PS3 v4.45 firmware yanked after bricked consoles

#3  Postby Animavore » Jun 19, 2013 3:54 pm

Seems to only affect systems with 500gb+ HDDs. Also Europe seems to have mostly gotten away with it.
Technically it doesn't brick the system. You can use a USB to install a previous firmware.
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