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Planetary Activation Organisation

#1  Postby hermes » Feb 10, 2014 11:31 pm

I posted this in Theism, but if anyone can give me hard evidence against this cult, I'd be really grateful

"Galactic Federation of Light
#1 Postby hermes » Feb 06, 2014 11:31 pm

Hi, my partner has gotten into this UFO religion/cult. He has left me, all his friends and his job, and gone off to join his brother, and is "working" on bringing about the new "ascension" blah blah blah...the usual crap.

Information and links below, but please please, if anyone has good debunking information on this twit, I'd be really grateful.

The GLF is apparently run by a nutter called Sheldan Nidle, who is supposedly "channelling" aliens from Sirius. He has made many fake predictions over the years, but that does not seem to deter him. Even forums on that whacko Icke's page think he is bonkers (pot, kettle, black). He used to start his "channelling" with the greeting, "Selamat" until I assume someone told him that it was highly unlikely that aliens from Sirius would speak Malay. Now he begins with the ludicrously funny "Dratzo" (sounds like something you'd clean your drains with) :yuk:

Nidle is the leader of a UFO religion/cult. Of course, my friend and his brother are "ascended masters" going to lead the world after the latest Armageddon (see below). ... ry-4-2014/

This Nidle person is a con artist and fraud, and has a long history of fake predictions. In 1996 this one said that aliens and archangels from Sirius were going to come to earth and beam everyone up. When nothing happened, he said that it DID happen and we are all living on a hologram! He seems to have changed his mind. He has "predicted the world is going to end multiple times. He has announced this "message" in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2013' and now of course he says they are coming sometime around 2014.

I quote from a forum ( ... 91-20.html)

"In 1996 Sheldon Nidle predicted that the world would end and that a Photon Belt was on it's way to Earth.
That is why he used his pal Blossom Goodchild for the last scam. He knew he couldn't get away with another so soon after the failed mass landing.
Nidle is a cult leader
This is part of his scam
When are the aliens coming Sheldon?
"Any minute now!"
What can we do while we wait?
"Send me money.....and meditate!"
Sheldon wants you to purchase his knowledge. Anyone who asks you to buy knowledge is more interested in the sell, than the knowledge."

This UFO cult that has been around for ages. ... =157749805

I find this very disturbing that an intelligent person (can be suckered in by such frauds... I wouldn't be surprised if they are giving them money/ helping them in some way.

If you Google this Nidle person you get thousands of websites. He is obviously the main instigator of this new religion/cult (which like all such, is asking for lots of money). He is very very rich off his fake religion."
"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
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Re: Planetary Activation Organisation

#2  Postby ScientificSkeptic » Feb 11, 2014 1:13 am

Sounds a little like some other famous religious figures you see preaching on TV. When I see someone I care for giving up their money, then letters come in their mailbox asking for more donations, it makes me sick. I know how you feel.
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Re: Planetary Activation Organisation

#3  Postby Ozzmodaus » Apr 01, 2015 2:29 pm

My 79 year old father has evidently gotten into this stuff and I am concerned about what all is involved. Is anyone aware of "required" payments or anything to this nut job? My father is on Social Security and cannot afford to be sending money to this guy. He says he hasn't but I am not completely convinced. Any information regarding this Sheldan guy and his group would be appreciated.

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