Psychics addiction

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Psychics addiction

#1  Postby DoctorE » Apr 06, 2010 3:34 pm

More like idiot addiction

The floaty voice of the designer-clad woman urged me to 'let my worries go - empty your mind and then focus on what you want to ask the cards'. Gingerly, I took the tarot pack she handed to me.

Sitting opposite me was one of Britain's leading psychics. Everyone I worked with in TV said her predictions were 100 per cent accurate. That was enough for me: I was hooked.

'Think, Sam,' I told myself. 'Think what you really want to know.' I handed the pack back to the psychic, Angelica, and prepared to listen to her prophecies: my future was in her hands. She stared at the first card, then let out a shriek of surprise

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