The portrayal of schizophrenia in the media

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Re: The portrayal of schizophrenia in the media

#21  Postby Fallible » Apr 13, 2015 6:34 pm

Are you intentionally misunderstanding? I explained it quite clearly - I am not comparing schizophrenics to librarians - I'm saying that people are stupid and ignorant and therefore believe lots of stupid things about that of which they have no direct experience, whatever that happens to be.
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Re: The portrayal of schizophrenia in the media

#22  Postby wunksta » May 20, 2015 2:56 pm

Keep It Real wrote::roll: being confused with murderous psychopaths is a little more than your average fallout from being misrepresented. Those poor librarians...not.

Psychopaths also get stereotyped quite unfairly as well, I believe.

As for schizophrenia and hearing voices, I read a few articles that are quite interesting:

Stanford anthropologist Tanya Luhrmann found that voice-hearing experiences of people with serious psychotic disorders are shaped by local culture – in the United States, the voices are harsh and threatening; in Africa and India, they are more benign and playful.

Also see:
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